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Faculty Development Programme

This Programme will enable the participants to develop competence in managing one‘s own life, improving pedagogies, developing content and effective communication and presentation techniques.

Teaching is not merely a profession but it is a journey where you help others reach their destination. But in today’s scenario, many teachers feel they can contribute more to the lives of the students if a few sutras can be added to their already well-equipped arsenal through which they can break the lock in the communication channel between them and the students. The teachers must realize that the students learn more through the role model or experiencing the teachings and not by just preaching. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the teacher is an epitome of all worthy outer and inner traits. Faculty Development Programme for the Teachers is the need of the hour. TWIN WIN presents a multi-dimensional Programme for skill-upgradation of the Faculty Members of Institutions that understand that learning is a continuous process.

Teachers Training Workshop

Aurum The Global School

'Samwaad' - Parenting Talk on Adolescent Issues

Delhi Public School

Personality Development Programme in Delhi University

New Delhi


London, United Kingdom