Online Vedic Mathematics Programme

Mathematics is one subject that generally brings fear in the minds of people. The reason is that students are taught tedious techniques, complex methods that make them run away from the sight of a mathematics question.
Vedic Mathematics consists sutras that are quite the opposite of the normal way of doing Mathematics. Vedic Mathematics is a book written by the Indian monk Bharati Krishna Tirtha and contains sixteen sutras and thirteen sub-sutras which can help any student to become a master of Mathematics.
The principles of Vedic Mathematics find application from Elementary Mathematics to Competitive Examinations.
TWIN WIN’s online programme of Vedic Mathematics has LIVE CLASSES to help you to learn all the principles of Vedic Mathematics and excel in this subject.
The Live Online programme will help you to improve your calculation speed, mathematical ability, problem solving ability and develop love for Mathematics.
The online programme caters to the following areas:
■ Multiplication of 2*2 digits
■ Multiplication of 2*3 digits
■ Multiplication of 3*3 digits
■ Division of 2/1 digits
■ Division of 3/1 digits
■ Division of 4/1 digits
■ Division of 3/2 digits
■ Puzzles
■ Squares
■ Cubes
■ Squares roots
■ Cube roots
The students get multiple worksheets for practice and notes that can be used as ready-reckoner in future.
The team of Vedic Mathematics is headed by Mr. Mayank Garg, who has authored a book on Vedic Mathematics and has also delivered talks in Cambridge University, London.
This online Live Programme of Vedic Mathematics can change your perception entirely towards Mathematics.

  • school-childern

    Special features of the Online Vedic Mathematics Programme

  • Programme for all ages: Class 3rd – Adults. Specially crafted areas for different age groups.
  • The programme is delivered by professionals of International and National recognition.
  • The sessions are aided by live video sessions with our experts and a thorough analysis of the performance of the candidate is done by our team.
  • Detailed content is shared with students for their practice.
  • The students get a certificate after the completion of the course.
  • Customized and personalized attention to students.
  • Small batch size for effective learning.

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