What a child learns from his parents gets imbibed in his character. In this era of ever increasing desires, affluence and cut throat competition, parenting is no more a bed of roses. Having a positive communication with your children, bridging the generation gap, helping the kids to achieve their desired goals are a few things from the infinite list of issues which the parents wish to have in their lives. A child can’t grow holistically unless he/she gets support and a conducive environment for growth at home. Hence, there is an urgent need to guide the parents with the help of Effective Parenting Techniques. For that purpose, in this Workshop for parents, apart from discussing key parenting techniques, other personal problems related to the child are also discussed.
This Workshop aims to give the magic mantra to the parents for good parenting and help them to build a great future for their son/daughter.

Some topics that are covered in the Workshop are:

  • Child-Parent Bond.
  • Technology Management.
  • Money Management.
  • Low concentration and poor attention of the students.
  • New rules of Modern Day Parenting.
  • Concepts of ‘Labeling’, ‘Hard Love- Soft Love’.
  • Time Management for Parents and Kids.